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Welcome! =)

ello! And welcome to the new home of the JSP blog! Thank you SO much for taking the time to visit! We hope you take the time to wander around, explore, and discover the little parts of the site we have sprinkled here and there to hopefully make your stay on this site fun and wonderful :) As always, please do leave us your wonderful and warm comments to help each post from the oven feel loved! You have no idea just HOW much it makes my day to read your beautiful words! :D If you're shy, you can still press that nifty little 'like' button beneath each post to still leave your mark, but stay behind the scenes. That would make me really happy too!! (or do both, and be my new best friend! haha :P ) 
So off you go....meander through the pages! And I hope you love what you see and find! :D  
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Thursday, November 10, 2016  |  Engagements

A Spring Prewedding: Sarah and Roy

Hello friends! 
I know it has been quite some time since I have updated this space. Not for lack of content, but JSP has gotten so much busier since March when I returned from a year off from work. I'm so SO grateful that you have not forgotten about me here, and that on top of that, there are those of you who have still chosen me to be your photographer to document some of the most special chapters of your lives.  
I have to admit, it feels GREAT to be back in the full swing of things, getting creative with light, love, and your stories again. So these past few months have been wonderful for me as an artist, but also as a mother. Sienna is growing up to be such a fun and happy little girl who makes me and Ju laugh ALL the time, every single day. I adore spending time with her, and growing as a family of 3 together. But this blog post isn't about that... I know you're all here to see photos (my personal life updates can be found on my personal blog at Two Threaded Poppies and its respective instagram account HERE), so photos is what will be shown from here on out in this post :) 
There is just something about spring that I absolutely adore.... the air gets warmer, and the landscape before our eyes starts to transform into a myriad of cascading colours as the trees burst into luscious greens and the flowers (oh my the flowers!!) begin to dress themselves with the most spectacular shades. 
So when Sarah and Roy flew in to my home base in Sydney (our other base is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!! :D), I was so thrilled when they decided to do their shoot at one of my FAVOURITE estates just out of town, called Summerlees. And it is my favourite for good reason - one, the estate is HUGE. Two, there is a white horse!! Three, the gardens are seriously amazing in every sense of the word. Four - the owner Patty is SO lovely! She gets us tea and cookies while we settle in. Did I mention, A WHITE HORSE! haha :)  
Anyway... I wont babble. I'll leave the talking for my other blog, while I'll let this one have the pictures do all the talking.  
Gown: Vera Wang (white), Celest Thoi (blush) 
Venue: Summerlees 
City: Sydney 
Season: Spring 
Lets start with some of the film rolls I shot that day. I just love these colours... it is almost impossible to replicate the look 100% on digital photos! :)
And now the digital files ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016  |  Style, JSP In The Press

JSP Editorial Shoot with The Wedding Scoop Part 1

***Part ONE*** 
Co-production and exclusive publisher: The Wedding Scoop 
Styling and coordination: Mint Events & SoirĂ©es 
Photography: Jenny Sun 
Florals: Peppermint Florals 
Gowns: Celest Thoi 
Video: Nigel Sia | Visual Storytelling 
Hair and makeup:  
Aivy Yong bridal make up artist studio 
Angie Makeup & Hair 
Assistant photographer: Inlight Photos 
Shir Chong 
Lynn L. 
Venue: Glasshouse At Seputeh 
What a dream it is to finally be able to share these images with all of you! Well, at least part 1 of it anyway :)  
Not long ago, I teamed up with the lovely people mentioned above for a collaborative styled shoot in Kuala Lumpur. To inspire and show brides and grooms out there that it is possible to have a garden wedding in an indoor setting. That's right, to be able to have all that lush greenery and beautiful florals, without the worry of rain, or heat, and still have it looking as pretty as a garden wedding outdoors. 
It was then that we decked out the Beautiful Glasshouse venue (link above) which is flooded with the most amazing natural light, with an array of candles, and fairylights to add to the romantic ambience. Combine that with the decision to go with vibrant florals (to show brides that it is possible to to have flowers that pop in color while still remaining timeless and elegant).  
I'm so happy with the way these images tuned out! I literally had 4 hours to shoot about 7 'settings' that were deisgned and styled by Mint Events that day, so while a little nutty, the results were so worth it! I hope you love the pictures as much as I do, and scroll down to the very bottom for some behind the scenes footage + a sneak peek into Part 2 of this shoot :D
AND... lastly.... here is a little something special to end with :) A small highlight reel of all the behind the scenes work that went into this shoot that was done for us by Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling! In it, you'll also see a sneak peek to the second part of the shoot, which I'll share on the blog next!! Part TWO is coming! :D Stay tuned.... 

Monday, July 4, 2016  |  Engagements

A sunset floral and fields Pre Wedding: Delany and Luke

Hello friends! 
Sorry I wanted to post way more often since the last post a few weeks back, but with a trip to Europe to plan for (i didnt finalise bookings for hotels and ground arrangements til the night before we left - that was how busy it was!), several weddings and pre-weddings to shoot, and also making sure everything was ready for my family to housesit and babysit Sienna while we were away really meant that the past month or so was a little crazy in my corner.  
Now that I am back, and well over the jetlag (no one told me that the older you get, the harder it is to slap your body back into the original routine!), I'm so excited to be able to share this sweet session with you! Shot in one of my favourite play areas in Sydney! And you will see why! The light (when it behaves in Sydney), is so honey-drippingly gorgeous when the sun goes down. Thank you the amazing Chanele Rose Flowers for the so very pretty red-toned blossoms you see below (this lady seriously makes the most AMAZING bouquets!!), and to the beautiful Delany and the very cool Luke who flew all the way from the other side of the country (Perth) to join me on the east coast in Sydney! I love it when couples come to my home town... I truly love showing them our beautiful countryside and the splendour it has to offer. Especially when the leaves are changing colour like in this session. Thank you again Delany and Luke! You were so sweet, and I left thinking if only everyone I met were as nice as you both! Photographing you both didnt feel like work at all! :)  
Enjoy the frames, my friends! Til the next post! :)  
PS: thank you to all my social media friends who gave the above frame so much love online! I swear, I have never received so many comments and likes for a single photo on my instagram before! And to see it featured on so many sites there on after was extremely humbling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting what I do! xo

Thursday, April 21, 2016  |  Engagements

A Garden Estate Pre-Wedding: Jon and Cynthia

It feels soooooo GOOD to be back in this space. I know I have left it collecting dust for the past 1.5 years, and I'm sorry for that. Life, as a new mother, has been all consuming, amazing, crazy, and wonderful all at the same time for the last 8months, and the 9 months prior to that when I was pregnant.  
The old me only knew one kind of life before my daughter Sienna was born, and I was comfortable.  
I was good at that life.  
Then, when she entered the world, everything kind of felt like I was thrown in the spin dryer for awhile, hanging on for dear life as I was learning the ropes of parenting, and coping with the demands of a little human being. Since then, I have been trying to find my feet and working out what my new 'normal' was in terms of work, scheduling, sleep, time with family, time with friends, time for myself, and so on. I have to say, it has taken a good solid 6-8 months but I feel like I have found a beautiful little balance that I couldn't be more in love with. Life feels full and I am so grateful for everything and everyone who has gotten us to this point (I think I will eventually journal and share with all of you what motherhood in detail has really been like on my other blog at, but for now, I've been kind of DYING to share with you this MASSIVE vault and collection of work that seems to have just grown into some sort of a mountain since I've last posted here.  
So I hope you are ready over the coming weeks and months to have a look at all of it! Because I'm SO excited to show it all to you! :D 
To start, here is a sweet little session in one of my favourite places. I am so honored everytime a couple decides to fly into Sydney to do their engagement sessions (or pre-weddings as some of you like to call it in your part of the world :D) - its quite a trek, and a fair bit of an investment, so I know how precious these shoots are to you who do come from overseas and have me as your photographer :) I hope you enjoy looking through this session as much as I enjoyed shooting it! :) If you have any requests on what you'd like to see me post next, do let me know in the comments below!  
Thank you again for sticking around and for being the most amazing bunch of readers and followers a girl could ask for :)  
Much love,  

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