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Wednesday, June 27, 2012  |  Music

Album Cover Shoot: Amy Yeoh

So, I take pictures, and I love music. I think most of you already know that.  
What happens when I get to combine the two together? You get one happy Jenny :D I think photographing musicians has become somewhat of a pet love for myself...I do love photographing these special kind of individuals... it puts two of my loves together and I really do have the best time producing art that I know will somehow be contributed to their industry. 
Recently, I had the privilege to shoot the photos for Amy Yeoh's new upcoming album! :D Amy, a really talented singer who also studied at Berklee College of Music (you know, the school that has turned out the likes of famous people like John Mayer, Diana Krall, Paula Cole, Melissa Ethridge just to name a few), is an up and coming rising star from Malaysia. If you haven't heard her sing, or checked out her music, you should head on over to her website and take a listen NOW :) Her voice is what I would describe as pretty, sweet and crystal clear, and has the versatility that can pull off songs from jazz to pop! :D  
The lead single off her new album "Say Goodbye" has officially launched!! And you can grab it off iTunes and Cdbaby so do head on over and check it out.  
Say Goodbye By Amy Yeoh on iTunes: 
Say Goodbye by Amy Yeoh on CDbaby: 
Amy's Website: 
Amy's Facebook Page: 
Amy's Twitter: 
Amy's Youtube page: 
Anyhow! On to the photos! :D I hope you enjoy the fruit from the session :) Art direction was done by myself...oh and it ended up POURING that day so the original idea to shoot outdoors was CANNED and we had to shoot to shoot indoors in the tiny spaces of 2 rooms :P Raining out on musician's shoots seems to be a trend of late!! We did Jayesslee's EP Album cover shoot the other day and it was BUCKETING down like the end of the world so we had to shoot inside as well..hahaha... anyway, more on that later! We'll share those images from Janice and Sonia's shoot in time to come! :D So stay tuned, for now, please enjoy these photos and go check out Amy's new song!! (and Album which is to be released in a couple of weeks!) 
PS: Huge thank you to: Celest Thoi (one of my favourite local designers in Malaysia) for all the lovely dresses she let us pick from her collection to use in this session. The white dress you can see is one of her creations :D Oh and the pink dress and ring worn with that dress is from the ever fabulous Ruche :)  
This last one is probably my fave :D

Saturday, June 2, 2012  |  Music

Colton Dixon: Love the Way You Lie

Probably the best cover of THIS song I've heard out there. And trust me, I've heard alot of them. 
Thank you to Colton Dixon (Contestant on the 2012 American Idol Season) for this beautiful version.  

Monday, May 21, 2012  |  Music

Chantal Kreviazuk: Feels Like Home

Dawson's Creek Volume 1 Soundtrack is still one of the best TV soundtracks ever. No seriously. Every single song is amazing.  
Remember this beautiful number? Feels Like Home, by Chantal Kreviazuk. Well, the rest of the album sounds just like it. Gorgeous music and beautiful lyrics all the way! :D 
I totally recommend this song, and the soundtrack for a cozy night in with your loved one, some wine, and alot of love :)  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012  |  Music

Christy Nockels: Healing is in Your Hands

Thoroughly enjoying the sounds of Christy Nockels, as I slowly work through edits and photos today. She is the lead singer of one of my favourite Christian bands called Watermark, and I just accidentally stumbled upon this solo album of hers recently as I was sifting through iTunes for new music to listen to. Wow. What incredible music. I won't say much more except do check her out. She is TOTALLY worth the 3 minutes to preview her entire collection called "Into the Glorious". I love every single track, and that's a rare occurrence with music I find these days :)  
Here is a sample. Now go listen. And enjoy :) 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012  |  Music

Ella Mae Bowen: Holding Out For A Hero

You know I am procrastinating moving forward on a mount everest sized work pile, when I put out music blog posts, so... here I am at it again :) Just stealing a few precious moments to share with you something that I have been mesmerized with. I recently watched "Footloose" - the new 2011 version (which features Kenny Wormald - an incredible dancer. Im not a dancer, but far out this guy has talent), and as always my ears tend to pick up on music that is often played in the background (to those who have asked where I find all my music, it's thanks to awesome stuff played on TV shows and movies I watch, as well as the genius recommendations courtesy of iTunes). So this time, I hear this gorgeous number. "Holding Out for a Hero" By Ella Mae Bowen. It's not a new song (Originally sung by Bonnie Tyler, and again on the Shrek 2 soundtrack by Frou Frou), but this version? Its my FAVOURITE.  
Just listen. Its so so so incredibly pretty. Oh and for those wondering, Ella is signed with the same record label as Taylor Swift... I see a trend!! :D 
Anyway, enjoy, while I go back to my mountain size pile of work :) Oh and the video clip is gorgeous too - it features clips from the movie :) 

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