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Thursday, January 23, 2014  |  Engagements, Portraits

Anniversary Shoot: Amy and Harry 10 Years

ello friends!! It's ridiculously busy lately....However, as part of my goal to keep this blog active, even during the busiest times for me, here I am with a new post for the new year :)  
I love anniversary shoots... I'm not sure what it is about them, but photographing people who have been married has a greater sense of calm and depth to it. Pre-wedding/engagement shoots are beautiful and gorgeous, and I still highly recommend people do one to commemorate that special time in your lives, but having an anniversary shoot to me personally is even more special because it celebrates how love has matured, deepened, and solidified through life's ups and downs together :)  
Having done my own with Ju last year to celebrate our 5th anniversary (you can have a look {HERE}, it was photographed by my absolute favourite, Jose Villa), I really believe in photos of marriage after the wedding... because you don't really understand the depth and meaning of love, sacrifice, and your vows til they have been tested by time, life, trials, tribulations and joys together. So, getting to do Amy and Harry's 10th (woohoo!!) anniversary shoot was so very special... If you guys don't already know, Amy and Harry, make up the Amy Chan Hair and Makeup Artistry team and are one of my absolute favourites to go to for amazing hair/makeup... They have made so many of my brides gorgeous for their shoots, so it was such an honor to be able to give back these frames to them :) They even brought along their beautiful little girl for part of the shoot :)  
Thank you Amy and Harry for asking me to document these for you... you know so many photographers who are so incredibly talented, so this was an absolute honor that I cannot put into words.... Hope these frames remind you over the years of your love for each other, and help you to remember to celebrate love, life, and family in both the good and hard times together :)  
Much love :)  
ps: Thank you to the amazing Elaine from Butterfly Philosophy for styling their shoot with the beautiful props and ESPECIALLY those GORGEOUS flowers!! :D

Tuesday, November 19, 2013  |  Engagements

A candlelit cliffside engagement: Wil & Steph

We always meet really lovely people in this line of work, but every now and again, you meet a pair of lovers who are extra special. Wil and Stephanie were two such people. Not only were they sweet, and incredibly in love with one another, but photographing them, and building a relationship with them over the course of a year as we planned for their engagement shoot felt nothing like work...these two are nothing but kind, generous, understanding and considerate. While we don't expect our clients to think of our needs often, these two always kept that at the forefront of their minds when chatting with us, making sure we had enough rest, that we weren't stressed, and never in a single way rushed us for their photos - it honestly just made me want to work all the more harder for them, and give back to them all the love they showed us.  
Wil and Steph - I said it before, and I say it again, I have nothing but love for you both. It is couples and clients like yourselves that remind me why I love photographing people, and fill up that cup of joy that often goes empty in busy periods where I feel like everyone is tugging from every corner. I hope you are both enjoying waking up next to one another as Mr and Mrs now, and loving every bit of newly married life. I honestly hope that we will cross paths again, and thank you for sharing your beautiful love for one another with my camera, but more importantly your golden hearts and souls with me. I am the blessed one from our time together.  
Hope you love these images as much I do! :)  
PS: For anyone wondering, Steph has immaculate taste! She DIY'd everything you see on the shoot here :)
And then a quick change of clothes and a drive to another place nearby :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013  |  Engagements

Lavender Fields Engagement: David and Casey

Can I just say what a MADHOUSE it is at JSP right now? :D Each and every one of us has our plates completely full at the moment, and we'll be spending the next few weeks in various parts of the globe, so our world is a little crazy with so many things going on. Not to mention, David and Casey's wedding is literally right around the corner.  
So I felt it was so fitting to completely break the blogging order and share with you their engagement photos! :D You all saw their lovely proposal shoot {HERE} awhile back, so now here is their sweet little love session we did for them in a secret little corner which smelled divinely of lavender, and where the sun kissed the grass with its warm glow til the last minute of the day.  
We hope you enjoy these photos!! See you at the next post!! And David and Casey - see you at the wedding!! :D 
Much love 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013  |  Engagements

Intimate Bungalow Engagement: Maggie and Dennis

appy hump day everyone! I'm leaving you with a sweet little engagement session shot mostly on film, at one of the prettiest little bungalows I've had the pleasure of visiting, with it's own pool, loft, and everything. All hidden in between the trees so that it's still nothing but peaceful and serene :) I'm sorry I can't write much, as I'm celebrating my 5 year anniversary this week, but I hope these images will leave you warm and fuzzy while I am away! :) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012  |  Engagements

Engagement: Shang and Glori

So, its every bit as MAD here at JSP as ever, as we're trying to work through the crazy season. We are wrapping up our year very soon with just handful of shoots left, and a VERY special wedding, so team JSP is super excited for that! 
Although, because of the insane workload, I was so sad that I wouldn't be able to find time to blog, but David has kindly storyboarded this next shoot so all of you can enjoy some eye candy while waiting for the next post I make :)  
Now, you've all officially met David (one of our official photographers here at JSP) when we shared with you his sweet proposal shoot a couple of weeks back here :)  
And we've had alot of requests to share more of the work he has been doing without me. So here is a gorgeous little love shoot he did for Shang and Glori recently :)  
Enjoy everyone! 
See you next post :) And happy 12.12.12!!  

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