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Monday, April 2, 2012  |  Style

Style Post: Ties for Grooms =)

ey Everyone! David here, checking in again with another style post for you boys! (And girls, who are looking after your man's look on the day). So I've been meaning to talk about this topic for quite sometime - the number 1 accessory on a grooms attire - DRUM ROLL.......  
The Necktie. 
I've noticed that white ties have been quite a popular choice for grooms. However, as popular as they are, we have also noticed that the alternatives to a white necktie, look SO good (and dare we say in some cases, BETTER? :P) for photos and it is something we'd love for you boys to consider. So, what do I mean by this?  
You see, most grooms wear a white shirt, which I think is a fantastic choice - because you can never go wrong with a white shirt!!! But- the tricky element is that white ties blends in with the white shirt, making them look almost invisible in photographs! Now, in essence, there is nothing technically wrong with that. If an understated look is what you are after or you really do want to go white like your woman on the day, then by all means go ahead, BUT... 
Since brides and grooms spend quite a bit of time and MONEY on their outfits, I'm sure that you will want your efforts to be captured for a lifetime!! Which is why we'd love you boys to try some other alternatives to the white necktie. If at the end of the day, after trying all options, you still prefer the white necktie, go for it :D But we do love the alternatives as they photograph soooooo beautifully :D  
Alternatives? There are many alternative choices for the budding grooms out there - that can be simple, yet smashing!! To hopefully make the decision process a bit easier, here are some photos example of ties I think photograph really well. 
Please keep in mind though, this is a very small sample of the suit and tie combo. There are so many different combination that can work for your special day!! But hopefully what I'm able to share here will help with inspiring you to experiment with style and look FAB your special wedding day! 
I'll start off with the black suits first:
In my opinion, the classic black suit, white shirt and black tie combo, never ever fails and it looks so good in photos! It's simple, understated and will get you plenty of compliments :)
Photo Credit - Mr Porter
Second on the list is the versatile blue/navy suit:
The blue tone on this suit is wonderful for a summer/spring wedding. The tie, dark brown double monks (shoes) and pocket square really give this blue tone suit a refreshing feel
Photo Credit - Mr Porter
Classic blue tone suit! - Now I know the tie itself isn't for everyone, this example has more to do with the colour red and blue. I truly love how well red and blue goes together! So if you want a pop of colour that's really gonna make an impact on your photos, try this colour combo.
Photo Credit - Lander Urquijo
Another beautiful creation by Patrick Johnson Tailors - Orange and Blue is not something you see grooms wearing at weddings but I think it's something you should definitely consider. It's a wonderful combo for Autumn!
Photo Credit - Patrick Johnson Tailors
Last on my list but not least - the understated Gray Suit:
Simple charcoal suit and gray tie... You can never go wrong! (the image IMO is just missing a pocket square)
Photo Credit - Mr Porter
One of my FAVOURITE combos - royal purple and gray, just WOW. What also makes this extra special is the knitted silk tie instead of your traditional silk ties.
Photo Credit - Dmarge
You've probably seen me post this up on the Jenny Sun Photography Facebook Fan page - But just to reinstate what I've said already, this light gray and pink is just Divine. I would love to see a groom rock this combo in the future!
Photo Credit - Patrick Johnson Tailors
P.S - Don't forget the pocket square or hanky :) 
It's all in the simple little details... 
Once again, that's it from me for now! Tell us what you think! We'd love to hear from you in the comment box, or on our facebook page! :D  
- David

Wednesday, March 14, 2012  |  Engagements, Style

A Black Wedding Dress: Ee Leng and Khaw

Wow... has this week started off on a CRAAAAAAZY note?? We're still trying to catch our breath in the office... everyone... design, post production, shooters, and the admin team have all been busy as anything! And as the head honcho in this gang, I'm hiding in the corner feeling a little overwhelmed (hehe, I know, Im terrible!), but PUMPED that 2012 is so insane!! haha :)  
Anyhow, getting back to the photos :) Have I said how much i LOVE brides who not just dare to be different, but do it in STYLE. I mean, we all know that it's easy to be different, but to keep it classic, stylish, and have that timeless effect? That's not as easy a task. But when I saw Ee Leng and Khaw turn up to their pre-wedding shoot in a BLACK wedding dress (probably the most amazing dress I've seen to date at one of my shoots), and a tux with a bow tie (oh dear Lord, I have such a soft spot for groom's in bowties. They look soooooo good in photos!! :D ), I was just smitten. It just goes to show, a shoot can still be gorgeously simple with the right pieces to stand out :) 
Thank you sooooooooo much to the both of you for being so bold and going for something out of the box, and then trusting in me when I said you looked amazing with the little hints of red like your lips. You both looked amazing. My camera couldn't love you enough that day!! 
Dress: By That Special Occasion 
Make up: By the ever fabulous Amy Chan 
ps: For those wondering, this was a shoot that was shot with a mix of film and digital :) 
I LOVE the below capture by our other resident photographer at JSP, vincy!! :D

Monday, March 5, 2012  |  Style

Style Post: Grooms, Navy, and a splash of color!

You might have noticed my name a few times in some of Jenny's recent posts. I'm David, and have been shooting with Jenny for the past year, and she's kinda given me keys to the kingdom. So whether that's a good thing or a bad thing - you tell us! :) 
So why do I have the keys to the Ferrari? Well Jenny, for some reason thinks I have a sense of style, and while everyone has their own individual taste, she also makes a very valid point: that everyone needs a bit of inspiration to help that along. Especially since what you wear, and bring to a shoot can enhance and make your photos have that extra touch of wow if you get it right. And who doesn't want that for their pictures right? ;) 
So, hopefully my ideas and suggestions over the coming weeks and months will help you out on your engagement shoot, or your wedding day. Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert, and I'm constantly learning about styling. So, take my suggestion with a grain of salt, and as always I am happy to answer any questions, so let's get this ball rolling, and we're gonna begin with the boys this time around! 
In Australia, we're coming into Autumn/fall and to be perfectly honest, the most underutilised colour I see is NAVY/Dark Blue. A lot of grooms use black, and charcoal - actually I think most of our grooms wear black suits on their wedding day. This autumn, I think more of our grooms should think about a beautiful navy suit. Why? A Navy suit can be used with a multitude of colour ties. So for those grooms, who are brave enough to use a bright coloured tie - this does work, depending on the colour of course.  
So, as a plus - after the wedding, you can use it also for work/interviews - it becomes multi-functional. Now, if you are going for a Navy suit, keep it simple. There is no need for, pinstripes or checks. This is a wedding after all! In my opinion, pinstripes and checks are a bit too corporate.  
So, here are some of my recommendations for a killer Navy outfit:  
• Keep the navy suit simple 
• Block colour only 
• Slim cut / fitted cut 
• Shoes - Chocolate/dark brown or black 
• White pocket square/handkerchief 
• Solid colour tie / bow tie (avoid white tie if possible - will go onto this sometime later) 
• White or baby pink shirt 
Keep in mind, the above list is just a suggestion - play with what works for you and rock it with confidences :) 
And, you know, this is a photoblog after all, so here are some examples of navy suits being pulled off extremely well. 
The combo is simple, but the red bow tie really adds a different dimension to the outfit Bold and daring! We love grooms who are willing to be abit different!
Photo credit -
One of my favourite combo!! I think this is a fabulous combo for Autumn!
Photo credit -
My favourite tailor - P.Johnson tailors - showing us his work of art!
Photo credit - P.Johnson Tailors
Nothing is overly done and everything about the whole outfit is just divine!
Side note: Disregard the man bag :)
Photo credit - The Sartorialist
Alright, that's it from me for now! Tell us what you think! We'd love to hear from you in the comment box, or on our facebook page! :D  
- David

Thursday, November 11, 2010  |  Style

Bridal: Vintage Tea Party Session


Hello everyone! I thought I'd drop into your thursday and brighten up your screens with a conception that I worked on not too long ago. I would love to write and type a beautiful and extensive description of the whole idea, but unfortunately, my battery is about to die here while I am on the road, and I figured the photos were more important than my regular babble, so I will fill in the story later. For now, enjoy the photos from this styled shoot :) I hope you love the images as much as I do! 
Team: Myself, Form Over Function (who took care of the details/decoration you see) 
Hair/makeup: Amy Chan 
Dresses: Pretty In White  
Hair accessories: Pin me Up Couture 
Models Kaitlin Hawkins and Melissa Hanes 

Thank you to Amy who tirelessly put together what was in my head and turned it into reality in terms of hair and makeup. Your patiences with me and my changes was incredibly appreciated :) 
And thank you to Pin Me Up Couture who always generously allow their beautiful hair pieces to be showcased and used in my shoots :) 
And thank you to Pretty In White, who lent me these FABULOUS gowns for the shoot. You girls always know what I want, and go to all ends to make it happen. Much love to you!! 
The decorations you see here in this shoot were all provided and put together by Form Over Function. Thank you for your vision. 
And thank you to the models who worked so hard even through the cold and impending storm on the day :) 
These last few frames to the end are all shot on film, and not edited (straight out of camera). Love love love my film! :D 
Happy Thursday everyone!! Will update this post properly later this evening! :D 

Friday, October 1, 2010  |  Style

Inspiration Board: Forest Dreams


Hello everyone! Hope your friday has started off sunny and lovely! :) We are back today with a tiny serving of a blog post, in the form of another spoon of styling! 
My awesome sister, Jillian, has come up with another inspiration board for you to have a look at and hopefully it will help in how you visualize for your wedding :) 
Like I mentioned before in the previous Inspiration Board post, Inspiration boards really help to tie in all the pretty little details and visual aspects of their big day together in a beautiful cohesive theme, so that at the end of it all, you get a gorgeous wedding, and everything photographs wonderfully because it has all been planned and laid out neatly according to a colour palette and visual theme. No more random style choices spilling across your wedding day and just getting 'so-so' photos :) 

As a photographer, I find that brides who have done their homework and made inspiration boards, and ensured that all their purchases, choices, and designs for their wedding day always fit and tie back into their theme/inspiration board, always get the prettiest (and I mean PRETTIEST!!) photos at the end of the day. And who doesn't want that? :) And don't limit yourself to one or even 2 colours! We find that colour palettes of about 3-4 work wonders in how the details of your wedding theme come up in your photos! :D

Today, we are experimenting with the berry colours of the rainbow! Inspired by forest fruits, woody elements, and the romantic flavours of red in all its gorgeous hues, here is today's board! Look how even things like your linens, and food colour makes a difference! :D 



(You can click on the board above to see a larger version :D)

And just like we mentioned last time: 
(1) a well executed theme will be carried ALL THROUGHOUT the wedding (that means, your place cards, your invitations, your menu design, your flowers, your cake design, your table linen/cloth colours!!, your napkin and plate colours!!, your seating plan design, your favours and favour tags/boxes, your signage, your dress STYLE, your shoe colour!, and so much more! The more we see your theme in your wedding, the better it will show in your photos :) ) 
(2) Style boards work JUST AS WELL for your engagement/pre-wedding shoots!! :D 


To end this week, I want to share with you a song I really love! I love how anthem-like, passionate, and powerful the words are, as well as the melody! Enjoy! :D 


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