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Monday, August 22, 2011  |  About Me

Random Facts About Me :)

This is an ever on going list, but for those curious to know what makes up the girl behind the lens turning up on your shoot, here goes! :D 
- I love to sing, and make melodic heaven (or at least try to!) :) 
- I ADORE old things... anything tatty, old, worn, and vintage, are things I love love love love love :D 
- My favourite foods are chocolate dipped strawberries, grilled chicken wings, and french fries with tomato sauce. 
- I loves getting hugs for no reason 
- Just-because presents are the best. Really.  
- Going on dates with my husband, or watching DVDs together are my favourite ways to spend free time 
- My favourite people in the whole world are my hubby, my family, my friends, and Jesus :) 
- I love exploring this big beautiful world created by God, and I'm hoping to add more postcards to the list of countries visited as much as possible :) 
- I love laughing. That's why funny people rock my world :D 
- I love all things APPLE.  
- I love both cats and dogs.  
- The country, fields of gold, and flowers make me happy.  
- I love food and can't diet to save my life. 
- I love wearing summer dresses, all year round if I could get away with it.  
- I love shoes, but seriously, boots were the best inventions EVER for our feet. Don't be surprised if I turn up to your shoot in a pair! :D 
- People madly in love, people who are passionate, genuine, and down to earth humble are constant inspirations to my work and my daily life.  
- Good strong coffee (We are talking about double shot espresso macchiatos here!) and good music are essentials to my every day :) 
- I'd fly almost anywhere to watch 3 women perform live in concert: Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, and Adele.  
- I love writing. It's food for my soul... I had dreams of being a novelist and a journalist before I was a photographer!  
- I hate busy malls, but I LOVE clothes and shoes, so I do alot of online shopping. Yay for places like Anthropologie, Modcloth, H&M, Forever 21. Now I just need a place that stocks everything Zara, Mango, French Connection, Top Shop, and Urban Outfitters online! :D 
Jenny :) 

Sunday, August 21, 2011  |  About Me

About Jenny

Often described by those around her as fun and fresh, Jenny Sun is a photographer whose work has become well recognized for her vibrancy, her simplicity, and her ever sensitive and expressive style. 
For this Sydney-Australian photographer, photography has hardly been an abstract pursuit in her life. With her father being an avid photographer engaging in travel photography, and with herself graduating from a 4-year degree in Graphic Design (at University of Technology, Sydney), then working in the design industry for almost 4 years, creative images have been an embedded feature of her life for as long as she can remember. 
Coming from a Graphic Design background Jenny's journey into the field began in 2000 where she began her trek into black and white film, touching a myriad of different areas of photography - still life, landscapes, architecture, before finally being completely charmed by people and weddings.  
"There is just something magically arresting about catching people, their expressions, their emotions, within the frame. I love the buzz of being there to seize those moments that they will remember and want to keep for the rest of their lives" 
Her belief to photography is that "The best photos should inspire you, move you, and rock your senses! They should speak volumes about you, and showcase all those nuances that make your love story unique." 
Jenny is part of the WPPI (the international body for Wedding and Portrait Photographers), and has taken in numerous accolades for her work since 2009, including placing top 3 in the infamous "Bride and Groom Together" category of their print competition.  
Jenny's work has also been extensively featured on internationally well known wedding editorial websites such as: Green Wedding Shoes (link) , Junebug Weddings (link), Ruffledblog (link 1, 2) , and Polkadot Bride (link 1, 2, 3).  

Saturday, August 20, 2011  |  About Me

The JSP Style :)

Working closely with all her clients, Jenny loves nothing more than to be able to tell the story of your day, and documenting your love in her unobtrusive and candid manner, so that you can re-live those precious memories, those special hugs, those tender kisses, and those raw emotions, all over again. Her journalistic approach to photography coupled with her love for attention to detail means all you need to do is enjoy your day abundantly and concentrate on having fun! :) 
It is this candid and honest approach to her work, as well as her clients, along with her love to see the world around her through a romantic's eye, that has won her the hearts of many clients all over the world, spanning across both Western and Eastern cultures alike.

Friday, April 8, 2011  |  About Me, Music

Jenny Sun - Captivate Us (Watermark Cover)

(Photo courtesy of: Edmund Tham)
This is just going to be filed under the 'random things about your photographer' kind of post. I've had a number of you over the years notice I've written 'I love to sing' in my profile, and then ask if there is anything out there that I've done. Sadly, most of what I have done has never really been recorded haha (probably a good thing since I'm super shy!!) :P 
But in case you were curious, here is something really recent. I was asked by a friend to do something for her wedding. So here it is! I'm an alto (think: Adele's kind of range... ie. low-ish) so finding a song that fit a wedding, a christian ceremony, and in my key was tough!! But It's a song I really love and I hope you check out the original cos the band (Watermark), are wonderful musicians that write gorgeous songs about God :)  
Anyway... here is the video. I know you can't really see my face (Probably a good thing!! haha), and sorry it's not the full clip, but It was done by a friend who was a guest :) NOT that it is her fault... haha, she was just sitting at an angle that didn't really allow her to film everything. Apologies in advance for the background noise you will hear. Its 'live' after all :P And lastly, I'm not a pro, so don't go expecting a Whitney from me or anything ;) Although if you are a smart cookie and somehow find the rest of my youtube page (not that there is much there), you'll find a couple of other recordings of other stuff from me :) 
And in case you were curious what my favourite song is to sing. It's probably this one. It's not full of big notes, but the song has depth in its passion. Here's a recording I did (apologies in advance as its not a great quality recording) of it :)