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Monday, August 22, 2011  |  About Me

Random Facts About Me :)

This is an ever on going list, but for those curious to know what makes up the girl behind the lens turning up on your shoot, here goes! :D 
- I love to sing, and make melodic heaven (or at least try to!) :) 
- I ADORE old things... anything tatty, old, worn, and vintage, are things I love love love love love :D 
- My favourite foods are chocolate dipped strawberries, grilled chicken wings, and french fries with tomato sauce. 
- I loves getting hugs for no reason 
- Just-because presents are the best. Really.  
- Going on dates with my husband, or watching DVDs together are my favourite ways to spend free time 
- My favourite people in the whole world are my hubby, my family, my friends, and Jesus :) 
- I love exploring this big beautiful world created by God, and I'm hoping to add more postcards to the list of countries visited as much as possible :) 
- I love laughing. That's why funny people rock my world :D 
- I love all things APPLE.  
- I love both cats and dogs.  
- The country, fields of gold, and flowers make me happy.  
- I love food and can't diet to save my life. 
- I love wearing summer dresses, all year round if I could get away with it.  
- I love shoes, but seriously, boots were the best inventions EVER for our feet. Don't be surprised if I turn up to your shoot in a pair! :D 
- People madly in love, people who are passionate, genuine, and down to earth humble are constant inspirations to my work and my daily life.  
- Good strong coffee (We are talking about double shot espresso macchiatos here!) and good music are essentials to my every day :) 
- I'd fly almost anywhere to watch 3 women perform live in concert: Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, and Adele.  
- I love writing. It's food for my soul... I had dreams of being a novelist and a journalist before I was a photographer!  
- I hate busy malls, but I LOVE clothes and shoes, so I do alot of online shopping. Yay for places like Anthropologie, Modcloth, H&M, Forever 21. Now I just need a place that stocks everything Zara, Mango, French Connection, Top Shop, and Urban Outfitters online! :D 
Jenny :)