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Monday, September 12, 2011  |  Travel

Rome: Part II

t's a monday, and my body clock is in a sleepy state... I think it has been for the last few days. I was supposed to have this blog post up last week (thank you for voting on our facebook for another travel post!) but as it so happens when you travel, sleep tends to take priority so I do apologise for the belated blog! 
As I mentioned in my last blog post about rome, I really adore this city. The husband and I were talking, and we both felt it was a place we'd definitely return to again, if we were to explore Italy another time - it really just has so much history, culture, and things to see and do. Not to mention places to eat! We were hopping between recommendations from our hotelier and lonely planet and both paths led us to some amazing places :) One other thing, the coffee in Italy is FANTASTIC. I like my coffees strong so I usually order an espresso, or if the place does it - a ristretto or double shot macchiato :P I think I had about 1 or 2 shots every day - it was great in the sense it kept me nice and awake all day, but oh dear lord, it also meant I had to frequently look for toilets everywhere! Thankfully, Rome seems to have more WC's than France did! :) 
Anyhow, I hope these photos brighten up your monday :) And I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend! I should have our Tuscany photos up next :) 
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Scooters/Bikes are the preferred method of getting around by the Romans :)
The streets are often filled with entertainers :)
I had gelato every day while I was in Rome. Ju was not happy as it sometimes meant trekking a little distance to find the good ones :P Thankfully, just outside our pit stop to the Vatican, I found a tiny little shop with a long line and went to check it out. They were apparently well known for their fruit flavours so I picked two and was thoroughly happy! :D
Old Bridge Gelateria is the name of that place :)
Around the Vatican, nuns were almost as commonly spotted as people. In the span of about 5 minutes, I found the below :)
More pretty street buildings :)
The infamous Pantheon.
Apparently you aren't allowed to be taking photos in the Sistine Chapel - we saw people getting told off left, right, and center, but I wasn't sure why Ju and I weren't yelled at like others.
Rome is not Rome, without its endless art and statues :)
Oh, one thing I LOVE about Italy is their drinking fountains. They are pretty much everywhere and the water is so pure, fresh, and cold. Its perfect to stay hydrated during summer travels here, and free! :D It made me wonder where it comes from, where it goes, and how come they allow it to keep running all the time.
The city is full of gorgeous ruins.
We sometimes loved getting a little lost and detouring via the alley ways - it meant we kept cool in the shady laneways, AND stumbled across little pretties like this! :D
One great restaurant at a very affordable price (we had several courses and SO much to eat for 2, for only about 40 euro) is here at Raf.
And on our last night in this city, we wandered the streets at night, which we did each night (I mentioned that Rome is JUST as gorgeous at night if not more so).
Ju told me not to take the below photo because the guy could run after us and beat us up, but I was saying, seriously - I don't think he is paying attention to anything but her :P So I snapped :P haha...