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Wednesday, February 8, 2012  |  Weddings

Terrara House Estate Wedding: Carrie and Michael

know this blog has been long long LONG overdue for an update... I plan to change that this year. Its just that I've come out of what I like to term as 'hibernation' and finished a long 6 week break. No work, no shoots, nothing. Its something I really really needed as each year takes ALOT out of me mentally, physically and emotionally because I tend to over extend myself without knowing... and also, so I could come back to 2012 fresh and craving to shoot. So thank you for your patience with me. I hope to only be better for all of you who have been so wonderfully kind to me :)  
Anyhow... Michael and Carrie. Wow. Well first, it was in the south coast of NSW at the GORGEOUS property of Terrara House Estate in Berry. My jaw dropped when I saw how beautiful the setting was. I usually write a million words for the weddings I shoot... how they make me feel, what they make me think about love, marriage, and the journey of forever after. But with Michael and Carrie, the more I tried, the less and less adequate it felt. They are just two souls madly in love, the kind of love that makes your heart ache in fullness when you are in their presence. Its the kind of love that makes you want to have that love, to love more, to love better. Its the type of love that makes you want to run to your own special one and hug them hard. There was just such an overflow of joy and adoration from them that day, you couldn't help but smile, and sigh :) Even the awful torrential rain that visited that day, couldn't put a grey stain on the incredible happiness that marked their day.  
Thank you Michael and Carrie for the HONOR of being able to document such a special time in your lives. You two are the luckiest, to have found each other. David and I couldn't have been happier snapping those billion and one frames of you and your families. It was a total privilege :) 
Carrie's elegant Amsale wedding gown :)
And HELLO... who can say no to louboutins right??
And the HOT red numbers for the bridesmaids, from Carla Zampatti. LOVE :D
Preparing for the groom's visit, and the tea ceremony :)
I LOVED the expression when they first saw each other. It gave me goosebumps :)
Then it was off for the ceremony :)
Even though it was pouring rain, we managed to squeeze in a few more portraits... one even with a flare of sun! :D
Just LOOK at all the amazing decor. I adore classic white weddings done in STYLE.
hehe :P
Then it was off for some night time fun! :D
And the first dance... always always always my favourite part of the night! :D
Thanks everyone for staying with me this long for the post!! :D I hope it was worth it!! 
Happy mid week! xox