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Saturday, February 25, 2012  |  Engagements

Engagement: Sonia and Andy

or those who have reached here, and are looking for their OFFICIAL wedding photos, you can find it at this other blog post of ours (which includes all the wedding photos and official video footage by our team as well).  
The below post here is of their official engagement photos taken by us. Enjoy!
Forgive the long looooooooooong post ahead. I'm terrible at culling photos, and in the short span of about 30 minutes on a sweet and warm summer afternoon amidst all the giggles, laughter and nerves, these two captured my heart. I couldn't help it :) I just hope as you look at this set, you'll sympathize with me and understand why it was so hard to make this set smaller.  
I'd love for you to meet Sonia and Andy. Do the faces look familiar? For those that may recognize them, Sonia is half of this amazing musical duo called Jayesslee (the other half, is her twin sister Janice), that have taken the WORLD by storm in the last year. Seriously, you have to have been living under a ROCK if you have not heard of them :) Have a look at the millions and millions of viewers who have discovered and loved this pair of songbirds from Australia here at their youtube page, and the rapidly growing family of followers they have on their facebook page. And for those wondering, Andy is the lovely guy who looks after everything Jayesslee behind the scenes including their videos!! :D 
Anyway, long story short - these two are engaged to be married in march!! Yes, thats NEXT MONTH!! We are soooooo excited to be documenting their wedding. Not just because they are cool, but really, when I met them and got to hang with them, they are seriously some of the most down to earth, fun, easy going people I have ever met. Really. Period. I couldn't have asked for nicer people to have in front of my camera, and to top it off, there is this understated calm, and sweetness to their love that I cannot quite pinpoint with a word, but I felt it, and it was magic :)  
We can't WAIT for your wedding day Andy and Sonia!! Thank you for letting us be a part of something so special between you both :) See you soon!! 
David got all the shots of Andy in this session, including this one :)
I think I've mentioned this a billion times on facebook and other places online, but I just ADORE long windswept hair. Seriously.
Love this candid capture by David!! :D
One last shot to end, captured by David. I adore the candidness of this moment. :)
And to end, here is their engagement shoot in a slideshow. For those wondering what the song is, it's Jayesslee's NEWEST cover: Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" which I just LOVE!! Words cannot express how much I have been obsessed with this song, even before it hit mainstream radio, so when I found that Sonia and Janice released this cover with the announcement of Sonia and Andy's engagement, I seriously could not be more thrilled! Please view their music video here, and buy their cover of the song HERE!! :D