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Friday, April 8, 2011  |  About Me, Music

Jenny Sun - Captivate Us (Watermark Cover)

(Photo courtesy of: Edmund Tham)
This is just going to be filed under the 'random things about your photographer' kind of post. I've had a number of you over the years notice I've written 'I love to sing' in my profile, and then ask if there is anything out there that I've done. Sadly, most of what I have done has never really been recorded haha (probably a good thing since I'm super shy!!) :P 
But in case you were curious, here is something really recent. I was asked by a friend to do something for her wedding. So here it is! I'm an alto (think: Adele's kind of range... ie. low-ish) so finding a song that fit a wedding, a christian ceremony, and in my key was tough!! But It's a song I really love and I hope you check out the original cos the band (Watermark), are wonderful musicians that write gorgeous songs about God :)  
Anyway... here is the video. I know you can't really see my face (Probably a good thing!! haha), and sorry it's not the full clip, but It was done by a friend who was a guest :) NOT that it is her fault... haha, she was just sitting at an angle that didn't really allow her to film everything. Apologies in advance for the background noise you will hear. Its 'live' after all :P And lastly, I'm not a pro, so don't go expecting a Whitney from me or anything ;) Although if you are a smart cookie and somehow find the rest of my youtube page (not that there is much there), you'll find a couple of other recordings of other stuff from me :) 
And in case you were curious what my favourite song is to sing. It's probably this one. It's not full of big notes, but the song has depth in its passion. Here's a recording I did (apologies in advance as its not a great quality recording) of it :)