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Tuesday, September 11, 2012  |  Travel

JSP Travel Wallpaper: Santorini, Greece

have like zero time to blog.. and I shouldn't be here penning my thoughts, but I can't help it! :P I was going to dig through my trove of past travel photos to come up with this month's calendar, but I thought, since I'm LATE with this month's calendar, and the fact that this blog is in serious need of some love, what better way to smoothen over all that, than with a photo snapped while on my latest trip to Santorini Greece.  
During the trip, my husband and I were talking about memories... and how sometimes we forget to bring our cameras to places to record that particular moment in some tangible way and form, which is often followed by a pang of regret (mainly from my side since I tend to be the slightly more sentimental half of the marriage :P ). Then Ju reminds me and says "you know, sometimes there are memories and places we have been to, that are so particular, or so special, or so incredible in it's own unique way that you don't need a photograph"... it's so distinguishing that the brain somehow retains that fragment of time and space in its visual coves, despite everything else that it has to process and retain from our day to day grind.  
For example... when my husband and I were sitting eating dinner in paris one evening, and watching the many tourists scramble around the Eiffel Tower at night, and then in a sudden moment, the entire Eiffel Tower lit up in a sparkling bedazzled array. Or running through New York's Central Park in the middle of winter without our coats or winter protection, and having it snow for the first time in ages in the city....Or, when I had a little too much to drink (I wasn't drunk... just a little 'happy' haha) after a visit to the Sydney Fish Markets and I found the seagulls walking across the carpark lot to be the most hilarious thing I had ever seen. No camera present to capture those very instances of joy, but ever existing and burning brightly in the shelves of our memories.  
I had many a moment while we were in Santorini Greece without my camera, and wishing I had brought one, but I'm very sure those memories will stay dear and near to my head and heart for many years to come.  
Thankfully though, the photo in this september's calendar wasn't one of those instances (I remembered my camera! :D). Ju and I were walking around the town of Oia for the day, and we managed to secure a very 'prime' spot to watch the sun go down at just about the right time before the hoard of tourists came to camp out around us everywhere. And while it was crowded, it never really dampened the mental keepsake and feeling that accompanied the day. So, as you can understand, it is a very sacred photo to me, as this picture will always remind me of a time that was filled with calm contentment, peace, and quiet joy shared with my favourite person in the world, all the while just silently thanking God in my heart for precious instances such as these that we can enjoy no matter how rare or frequent they come by.  
Enjoy the rest of the month peeps and I hope to be back again sooner rather than later with a full picture post that is weddings/engagements related :D 
ps: Remember, as with past calendars we've released, it includes one of my favourite quotes (I LOVE cool quotes), and it will only be available for download from the blog TODAY ONLY. I will be removing the link tomorrow, so do get it while its here, or share it around :) Let me know if you like, love, or nay this month's calendar in the comments below? :D hehe :) Enjoy! And just click on the photo below to get the 'wallpaper-sized' version :) 
*UPDATE* As mentioned on our facebook page, this wallpaper would only be available for a limited time today so we've closed this little treat for now. But stay tuned for next month, for our October calendar giveaway! :D