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Tuesday, October 16, 2012  |  Travel

Travel Destination: Amalfi Coast Italy on Film

've said this before, if I ever post travel photos on the blog, it means I'm stressed :P Travel photography is one of my coping/relief mechanisms in times when I'm stretched, as looking at them and sharing them with you makes me happy :)  
So, while I won't write a whole heap on this post, as I'm meant to be meeting 3 other insane deadlines, I did want to give you a glimpse into my adventure along the Amalfi Coast, Italy. My husband and I trekked the delightful area for a few days and had such a wonderful time eating pizza, sipping on italian wine, and breathing in that salty sea air. It really is a gorgeous cliffside area, south of Rome, where you can smell lemons everywhere, swim in beautiful blue water, hike along the mountain edges, and bathe in the rich sun. We stayed in Positano, the picturesque city where lovers get married alot! And while I have a tonne of photos shot on my digital camera, I wanted to show you the ones shot on my film camera since film is where my roots are from as a photographer.... There's just something magical, organic, and real about film that you just can't duplicate with digital :) Oh and how can you beat the fact that you don't need to edit film photos!! Love it!! Hope you like what you see!! 
ps: And yes, the next picture post will be weddings/engagements related, I promise!! We have something special to share with you for that one :) Stay tuned!!
For some reason, the shot on the right below, reminded me of a scene shot in a James Bond movie. Do you guys remember which one?? ;)