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Monday, December 10, 2012  |  Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peek: Jayesslee Studio Sessions

I'm SO excited to know that our friends, Janice and Sonia of musical duo Jayesslee have their debut album launched TODAY!!! :D Titled, "Studio Sessions" :)  
We did their album shoot not long ago, and have had to keep the photos from this shoot secret for awhile :P And while I'm up to my eyeballs in deadlines at the moment, meaning I can't blog the whole shoot right now, I did want to share with you the photos that made it to their cover :)  
Now off you go to iTunes, and support these talented girls, who have taken the world by storm, by heading over here to get those tracks to your collections!
I'll be back soon to share the full shoot photos. In the meantime, do check out their facebook page to get all the juicy details on their new release!! :D 
And just for those of you who have checked out this post this far, and this late at night, here is a sneak peek to the rest of the album shoot as a way to say thank you :) We'll blog the rest of the shoot soon. So stay tuned peeps!! :)
ps: Please do not take/re-edit/re-post/re-use these images without credit to Jenny Sun Photography and Jayesslee. Stealing makes us sad.  
Thank you so much and see you next post!! :)