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Tuesday, March 12, 2013  |  Portraits

Music Cover Shoot: Jayesslee Studio Sessions

This post was supposed to go up over the weekend, but I got hammered by some bug, so hopefully the wait is worth it for these photos :) Because, I'm SO excited to share this with you today!! As you know, our gorgeous friends, Janice and Sonia of musical duo Jayesslee have launched their debut album, titled, "Studio Sessions" which is basically a collection of some of their most popular covers, along with some original material recorded in the studio.  
So, we were just THRILLED when they asked if we could shoot some photos for the release :D We spent the day indoors (and thankfully we did, as it rained like there was no tomorrow on the shoot day) creating some fun sets (styled by our very own team! :D ) that each say a little something about the musical twins. We hope you enjoy the photos that have come out of this sweet project!  
To my lovely team members, David (thanks for bringing your better half along too!) and Vincy, thank you for your incredible help that day. It wouldn't have been the same without you :D 
Now off you go to iTunes, and support these talented girls, who have taken the world by storm, by heading over here to get those tracks to your collections!  
And on a VERY last note - there is some BONUS material for those of you who scroll down to the bottom of the post!! :)  
ps: Please do not take/re-edit/re-post/re-use these images without credit to Jenny Sun Photography and Jayesslee. Stealing makes us sad.  
Thank you so much and see you next post!! :)  
Yay to those of you who made it this far down the post!! Here is the bonus Jayesslee material we were talking about! A few months ago, my team and I had the amazing privilege to record and document the girls LIVE in Sydney when they were performing. We'll keep the remainder of the show and photos for another time (hopefully soon!!), but for now, here is a snippet of what we recorded!! Enjoy :) And I highly recommend catching these girls live whenever you can - they sound even better LIVE than they do on youtube :)