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Monday, September 23, 2013  |  For Photographers

Jenny Sun Workshop 2013: Sydney

You guys asked for it! So we're bringing it to you!! :D  
We're BACK this year in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA for the 2nd time!! This will be our 5th running workshop overall, and the great news is that:  
1) We are having it a very private and exclusive warehouse that is just gorgeously beautiful. You're going to LOVE learning in this environment, and shoot here too!  
2) The syllabus has been revamped, and the two days will be even more packed with topics, teaching, and information than the last time we were in Sydney!  
I have honestly, always always believed that the success of a photography business rides on how well a photographer does two things:  
(A) produce their art, and  
(B) run their business.  
My philosophy has followed the strength of that marriage and this workshop is about those two very things. We are going to spend 2 very intense days working from the inside-out. I'll be going through all things JSP - my story, my successes as well as my mistakes, and how each has bettered my journey, what inspires me and how I work through creative 'dry patches', the ins and outs of the JSP 'storytelling' style of photography and how it has changed my entire business, my gear, and what pieces I use for what kind of photos, how I shoot, how I pose and interact with couples and keep them relaxed, natural, and make sure they walk away having FUN at the shoot. I'll also detail the JSP workflow, with photoshop and lightroom demonstrations, and strategies on how to spend less time in front of the computer, so you have more time to shoot AND live life :)  
We'll also be working out who YOU are as a photographer and YOUR style, and helping you carry that through to your photos as well as your business and brand. Sounds scary? It is! But that is the fun of it - Learning to be a better photographer AND a better entrepreneur! :)  
Our aim from the workshop is to help you walk away with the skills and confidence to shoot better photos that you love (that is covering use of posing, light, composition and post processing), AND running a business that works around YOU (ie. booking clients that love the photos that you shoot, pricing, workflow, time management, social media, etc) :) Time will also be spent learning about how I work with my clients from the moment I meet them, to the shoot, to the finished product, as well as opportunity for 1 on 1 time with me for questions and feedback/critique :)  
WHEN: 10am to 6pm each day, 14th and 15th November 2013. DELICIOUS Lunch included every day.  
WHERE: RAW SPACE - A beautiful private warehouse not far from the city center :) That's right, the place is ALL OURS for the 2 days. We can run loose and have fun!! :D FULL details will be given to each person registered. You'll LOVE it I promise!! Here is a sneak peek! 
CAPACITY: Limited to 20 people. First come first served basis.  
- $850AUD (early bird rate, until this friday 27th September) - If you need more time to get your leave approved and want to enjoy the early bird rates, please email us immediately!!  
- $995 (normal rate, saturday 28th September onwards)  
So please do join me!! It will be the ONLY workshop I will be running in Australia this year. The past 4 workshops we ran sold out in about a week, and the registered interest for this 2013 Sydney workshop has almost 70 people on the list. With seats limited to only 20 people, do get in early to get your place and also take advantage of the early bird rate we have!  
And FINALLY, here are a couple of things to read and see about our past workshops... 
VIDEOS Of the the last 2 workshop we ran, so you have an idea of what it will be like:  
1) Sydney (by The Big Films
2) Kuala Lumpur (By Nigel Sia from Visual Storytelling
1) By Wishingtree: 
Full of gorgeous photos and a full write up of our June workshop in Kuala Lumpur 
2) For another full blog post with pictures, reviews and more, click {HERE}
I'm ready! How do I sign up?? 
Perfect! Here are the step-by-step instructions! 
(1) All you need to do from this point is to press the 'PAY NOW' button below to make payment and reserve your seat. 
(2) Once you get to the next page, you will have the option to pay via PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD. If you do not have a paypal account, please select the 'PAY BY CREDIT CARD' option (which is the option to the left of the paypal login section - see picture below the PAY NOW button below). If you have ANY problems in paying, please email us IMMEDIATELY at 
(3) Enter your credit card details/log into your paypal account and follow the instructions. 
(4) Once payment has been finalized, THIS IS IMPORTANT - please drop us an email (at with a printscreen of the payment confirmation and the following details: your first name, your surname, your studio name, your studio website, phone number, and email address. 
You MUST complete the above steps to be properly registered! You can click the below 'pay now' button to make payment and get your registration process started :)