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Thursday, January 23, 2014  |  Engagements, Portraits

Anniversary Shoot: Amy and Harry 10 Years

ello friends!! It's ridiculously busy lately....However, as part of my goal to keep this blog active, even during the busiest times for me, here I am with a new post for the new year :)  
I love anniversary shoots... I'm not sure what it is about them, but photographing people who have been married has a greater sense of calm and depth to it. Pre-wedding/engagement shoots are beautiful and gorgeous, and I still highly recommend people do one to commemorate that special time in your lives, but having an anniversary shoot to me personally is even more special because it celebrates how love has matured, deepened, and solidified through life's ups and downs together :)  
Having done my own with Ju last year to celebrate our 5th anniversary (you can have a look {HERE}, it was photographed by my absolute favourite, Jose Villa), I really believe in photos of marriage after the wedding... because you don't really understand the depth and meaning of love, sacrifice, and your vows til they have been tested by time, life, trials, tribulations and joys together. So, getting to do Amy and Harry's 10th (woohoo!!) anniversary shoot was so very special... If you guys don't already know, Amy and Harry, make up the Amy Chan Hair and Makeup Artistry team and are one of my absolute favourites to go to for amazing hair/makeup... They have made so many of my brides gorgeous for their shoots, so it was such an honor to be able to give back these frames to them :) They even brought along their beautiful little girl for part of the shoot :)  
Thank you Amy and Harry for asking me to document these for you... you know so many photographers who are so incredibly talented, so this was an absolute honor that I cannot put into words.... Hope these frames remind you over the years of your love for each other, and help you to remember to celebrate love, life, and family in both the good and hard times together :)  
Much love :)  
ps: Thank you to the amazing Elaine from Butterfly Philosophy for styling their shoot with the beautiful props and ESPECIALLY those GORGEOUS flowers!! :D