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Wednesday, January 29, 2014  |  Personal

99 thankful days

efore I begin, this is not an attempt to take over, overrun, or impede on the currently very cool social media challenge that has been around on everyone's feeds lately.... Instead, it is my own effort to remain grateful despite dents and pebbles on the road that we so often get :) You see, I have been really loving what the #100happydays instagram challenge has been producing on social media of late. I even wanted to try it myself, until I realized for me personally, being happy 100 days in a row was too hard. I think being human means embracing all sorts of emotions, and of course with life being the way it is, isn't very consistent, nor very predictable... and knowing the way I am, I tend to be rather expressive on all spectrums of the emotional scale haha... and sadly I literally cannot pretend to feel something when I don't. Oh the lovely joys of being a stubborn taurean, and female! haha :)  
So, I want to start my own 100-day challenge...ok, I was secretly contemplating a 365 day challenge, but lets not spoonfeed failure before we even begin haha... so, lets make it 99 ;)... not that it is at all innovative or original, but it will be one that forces me to recognise and acknowledge things I can be thankful for (not necessarily things that make me happy), even when I have a bad day. It allows me to feel sad if I want to feel sad, but still say, regardless, I am thankful and grateful for this... or that :) So here, goes, my #99thankfuldays attempt!! :) It'll also help me visually journal all the little and big things that have made some impact on my life/day, as I am extremely forgetful and I'm looking forward to be able to look back on 3+ months of documenting/recording, and then hopefully printing these out later :) Feel free to join me if you like :) I'd love to see what people are feeling grateful for and appreciative of over the next few months! :D I'll be on if you ever get curious. Otherwise, I'll be very happy to just peek into your own feeds to see what has been brightening your day with gratitude :)  
What are you thankful for today? :)