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Wednesday, February 5, 2014  |  Portraits

Documentary Family Shoot: The Tses

ocumentary family shoots - i just love them. From the perspective of your eyes, I gather this post is a little different from me....however, the truth is, I have been doing these kind of family sessions since 2009 when a rather unique thinking lady asked if I would do it for her family. Since then, I have adored just being invited into a family's home for a day, and just quietly and candidly documenting their regular ins and outs. There's just something very special about capturing real day -to-day moments of you with your spouse and little one(s) doing your usual thing.... I know it goes against the regular and against the expected for family shoots, but this stems from what I'd want if I was ever a mother - that is, an album made up of real-life, real-moments of how we lived and loved together, inclusive of not only the joys and laughter, but also the tantrums and tears. I'm not a mother, but I know if I was, I'd appreciate and love both sides to be preserved in photos to be remembered later on when memories tend to become grey and foggy. And to dot this at the end, I personally love all photos in these sessions to be in b&w - there is a beautiful storytelling nature to the look of these photos when retained in this form.... Hope you can see what I mean! :D 
So, here are the Tses :) I feel like I have come full circle with this shoot. Angela and Wayne were one of the very very first JSP couples. They took a chance on me when I was a complete newbie in the industry, and it is so precious to be able to reunite with them 5 years later to see how they have grown, and also meet their gorgeous little girl Lexie (whom I fell in love with that day!! She really takes after her parents fun, high energy nature, and is overall a very happy little baby :D ). Thank you so much Wayne and Angela for inviting me into your home that day - and thank you Wayne for making me that cup of coffee - your barista skills are pretty cool and this coffeesnob gives you two thumbs up - thoroughly enjoyed my cuppa!) :D 
Hope these images find a little place in your hearts, and I hope they become a piece in your journey as a family unit, to look back on with fondness and smiles :)  
Much love,