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Thursday, November 10, 2016  |  Engagements

A Spring Prewedding: Sarah and Roy

Hello friends! 
I know it has been quite some time since I have updated this space. Not for lack of content, but JSP has gotten so much busier since March when I returned from a year off from work. I'm so SO grateful that you have not forgotten about me here, and that on top of that, there are those of you who have still chosen me to be your photographer to document some of the most special chapters of your lives.  
I have to admit, it feels GREAT to be back in the full swing of things, getting creative with light, love, and your stories again. So these past few months have been wonderful for me as an artist, but also as a mother. Sienna is growing up to be such a fun and happy little girl who makes me and Ju laugh ALL the time, every single day. I adore spending time with her, and growing as a family of 3 together. But this blog post isn't about that... I know you're all here to see photos (my personal life updates can be found on my personal blog at Two Threaded Poppies and its respective instagram account HERE), so photos is what will be shown from here on out in this post :) 
There is just something about spring that I absolutely adore.... the air gets warmer, and the landscape before our eyes starts to transform into a myriad of cascading colours as the trees burst into luscious greens and the flowers (oh my the flowers!!) begin to dress themselves with the most spectacular shades. 
So when Sarah and Roy flew in to my home base in Sydney (our other base is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!! :D), I was so thrilled when they decided to do their shoot at one of my FAVOURITE estates just out of town, called Summerlees. And it is my favourite for good reason - one, the estate is HUGE. Two, there is a white horse!! Three, the gardens are seriously amazing in every sense of the word. Four - the owner Patty is SO lovely! She gets us tea and cookies while we settle in. Did I mention, A WHITE HORSE! haha :)  
Anyway... I wont babble. I'll leave the talking for my other blog, while I'll let this one have the pictures do all the talking.  
Gown: Vera Wang (white), Celest Thoi (blush) 
Venue: Summerlees 
City: Sydney 
Season: Spring 
Lets start with some of the film rolls I shot that day. I just love these colours... it is almost impossible to replicate the look 100% on digital photos! :)
And now the digital files ;)