Scott - Wow Jenny, I have been to Rome and have one photo of the exact Abruzi building that you shot. Really fabulous work here as always, Ben Teh put me on to you a couple of years ago and so glad he did, your work inspires me as a photographer. Keep it up!! (6/22/12, 1:04PM)
Jennifer Leung - Hey Jenny! The moments that you captured were BEAUTIFUL ! I found your blog through Jayesslee's wedding post on facebook and i'm really glad that i did. Love it ! With love, Jennifer (5/20/12, 2:03AM)
Benjamin - Rome is really beautiful...i would like to go make another trip there...the only thing is it's soooo crowded during summer. OMG~ Love em pics Jenny (11/11/11, 4:55PM)
Jessica - Gorgeous! :) (9/18/11, 8:23PM)
Liz - So many beautiful pictures! Although I'd seen many photos of the Pantheon, seeing yours made me gasp! Breathtaking, isn't it? :D (9/14/11, 5:22PM)
mohdming - I miss Rome. thanks for sharing the photos and the stories while u were there Jenny. Now I can keep my memory of Rome again, well at least! :) (9/14/11, 4:54AM)
Victor - Very nice photos, makes me wanna go a second time to Italy. My favourite is the kissing couple. (9/12/11, 11:19PM)
Rudy - The shots of the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel is damn nice. Great architecture and art. They dont do this anymore. More more more jenny! (9/12/11, 9:17PM)
Jenny Sun - Ooooh!! thanks heaps Joel! I've been wondering for ages about the water. How amazing!! Thank you everyone else for your wonderful comments! It makes blogging the next post all the more fun! :D (9/12/11, 7:57PM)
Vincent Lee - Really like the last shot, I love these moment snapped shot. (9/12/11, 5:26PM)
Joel Chu - Hi Jenny, it's Joel again. Love the shot on the sistine Chapel! i was not allowed to take pics! :( anyway about the water fountains, i read on the water source comes from nearby hills, the trevi fountain apparently has it water channeled 20km away from the salone springs. and some other places like Pantano Borghese. Hope that helps ! Have a nice Vacation! (9/12/11, 5:01PM)
Sasha - beautiful (9/12/11, 2:27PM)
Gilbert Wong - the last photo where the couple kissed is awesome. Nice album Jenny~! So how many lens did you bring this time? hhahaha (9/12/11, 1:31PM)
nadean - Amazing and oh so jealous- that circular stair photo in the middle of the post- STUNNING!! (9/12/11, 1:31PM)