Jin?a - Ouu :) you are so beutiful ... your life is so great ... you are amazing and all I envy you :) I wish you to wake up every morning with smile ... your smile will never die ... enjoy every day ... with your great husband, friends and family ... Be happy, because thinking about problems ... is a waste of time ... :) I like you :) ;) :) (5/13/12, 3:48PM)
diana - love your voice!!! :] (4/20/12, 2:23AM)
Lyl - This is beautiful Jenny! Glad you had the courage to share this! Maybe you can add singing as an add on to your wedding photo packages ;) (4/9/12, 1:23PM)
Goingkookies aka Esther - Hi Jenny, You have a lovely voice!! wonder what other talents have you kept hidden or dormant.. ;p (4/9/12, 11:30AM)
Boon Ong - Oh wow, Jenny, you sing beautifully well! Excellent! (4/9/12, 5:51AM)
Jamie - Beautiful! :) (4/9/12, 12:53AM)