Mei Teng - Great quote and very true. Contentment is of great gain! (7/7/12, 1:00AM)
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Jocelyn Lee - Hi jenny, your photos are just awesome and i love them very much!! You are such a blessed woman. Do keep up the good work <3 God bless you always :) (7/4/12, 7:18PM)
Brian R. Tan - I love the picture, but my screen are all 16:9 format. Jenny, any 16:9 formats? (7/4/12, 7:01PM)
ashW - thank you for this very beautiful photo =) (7/4/12, 5:13PM)
missuschewy - Hi Jenny, this is such a brilliant thing to do! Please keep this coming for the rest of the year, and for the many more years to come! :) (7/4/12, 4:29PM)
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