Bernard Lau - Just remember Jenny, in movies, the misfits and rejects succeed and in horror movies, they're the ones that survive! :-) It's great that you have someone to turn to though. There are so many people out there that wants the slice of the pie without working for it, moochers and all. Sometimes, we just need to switch off and ignore them all. B. (1/3/14, 1:15PM)
ashley - Thank you Jenny. Thank you for writing this. :') we are all God's precious children. (12/28/13, 11:53AM)
Pamelyn Tan-Corsi - I always think you are such a warm and sincere person in sharing your heart. Thanks for taking time to share The Lord in such a personal way. Truly, He has changed our lives and make us grateful for this life we have. Truly, we all can identify the smallest of how we feel in this big big world. Yet, it is the amazing love of God keeps us amazed for all the blessings we have - loving family, good friends and good things in life Have a blessed new year Jenny. You are definitely my favorite photographer and blog writer. Keep shining. You are one in a million. (12/27/13, 3:19PM)
Evelyn Tea - Hi Jenny, thanks for sharing such a personal post with the rest of us. And of how God has been such a big positive impact in your life. I relate to your childhood days of how it is like being an outcast and never quite accepted anywhere... and even doubtful of myself most of the times. Glad that you have grown so much throughout the years and I wish you even better days ahead filled with more empowerment and grace. (12/27/13, 1:15PM)
Jim Stafford - Hi Jenny, What a wonderful post. I wish I could express my feelings like you do. Kind Regards, Jim (friend of Vincy) (12/27/13, 12:01PM)
Eric Tan - Bold post Jen - putting yourself out there, to get the message of God's acceptance across. Just as your photos speak a thousand words, your words... well, they speak a thousand words too ;) God bless (12/27/13, 10:24AM)