ashley - Dear Jenny, always remember that God is in control :) surrender your plans to Himand let things flow accordingly. Don't be afraid and take courage. New adventures are always exciting yet terrifying. You're the fire that started my burning passion in wedding photography. Thank you for you :) take care and God bless u! (1/6/14, 1:45PM)
Christopher Ong - Hi Jenny! Wasn't sure where to write this, so I guess I'll just type this up here :) My name is Chris, an ISCF leader of Normanhurst Boys high :) I'm in Year 12 this year :) I just wanted to say how much I love your photography - your posts have really inspired me to keep both my photography and my faith going (: Your faith in our awesome God, it's so encouraging to see! Thanks for your open, honest blog posts (: I do most of the photography for Normanhurst boys, for any assemblies, carnivals, presentations the school runs (: Not sure if I'll choose photography as a career path, as I'm hoping to get into medicine! Maybe I'll take it as a weekend job? Ahhh lets see where God takes me! So I guess, keep up your great work! and it looks like I've already chosen my wedding photographer! (; God Bless~ Chris (1/5/14, 10:17PM)
Dan - Hi Jenny, thank you for writing and sharing. We've only met in passing and never held a conversation - the first was at my sister's wedding and the second was in Bali at WSP. The journey we all embark on share many attributes. Often, as entrepreneurs (particularly within the wedding industry), we are expected to put on a cheerful face 24/7. In reality, we are human; we have our own worries, our own demons, and our own problems. You most certainly are not alone. I made the bold decision of delegating more and more to a growing team of like-minded people *cough* minions *cough*. And in that spare time, in between full-time studies and work, I have invested that time in re-connecting with real human beings. Not just Facebook, but face-to-face. It is definitely refreshing to step out from the office; out from the emails, away from the editing and into reality. To many, you are the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you wanted this responsibility or not is out of your hands. Many in the industry look to you as a benchmark. It is a terrifying responsibility. Posts such as this remind us all that we are human. With life comes mistakes, some bigger than others. Yet, it is part of the journey we all make. Be prepared to fail. Be prepared to admit to mistakes. Because on the other side of failure, is just another step forward. ... Life is too short, 2013 flew past all too quickly. Remember what is important to you and hold fast to those values. At the end of the journey, you want to have lived life your way. All the best for 2014. I'll continue to follow you *cough* stalk *cough* through IG and FB. (1/5/14, 12:19PM)
Pamelyn Tan-Corsi - Happy New Year Jenny and wishing you an amazing year of fulfillment of your heart's desire. God bless and thank you for sharing you. (1/5/14, 12:05PM)
Annie YF Yap - Happy New Year to you Jenny. Hope you have a blessful and blast year. (1/5/14, 3:09AM)
Annie YF Yap - Happy New Year to you Jenny. Hope you have a blessful and blast year. (1/5/14, 3:07AM)
Nigel Sia - Happy New Year Jenny! Hope your plans for 2014 will come to fruition in His time. :) (1/5/14, 2:46AM)