racheal - Oh pregnancy is such a beautiful mess of His grace and His mercy and our will and want and hopes all colliding at once. I read your post and remembered so so much about my first trimester and how I truly really hated it. I was scared, lonely, frustrated, in pain, nauseous, unsure, wondering what in the world we got ourselves into this time and how in the world would we ever cope and then so disappointed and upset with myself because I felt like my body was somehow failing my heart. I prayed for this child yet here I was and pregnancy was not at all what I thought it would look and feel like. I am now 33 weeks (!!!!) and oh my goodness, hang in there girlie. My second trimester was like redemption and grace and so so so awesome. The nausea really really does go away. You really do get a burst of energy. You really do get to do all the things you love doing again. And in the midst of all that, you fall in love again with God's design for life and how it all unfolds. Trust me when I say that I had such a rough first trimester, that my husband even told me at some point that he would completely understand if I never ever wanted anymore children after this. We're in the middle of our third trimester and almost to the end goal. It is crazy and surreal and I am slowing down again as we prepare to welcome our little one into our world. Nesting, resting, waddling, praising. I mostly just wanted to write you to let you know that you are so not very alone and not crazy and to hang in there mama, it's a crazy crazy crazy ride but soon enough, this too will pass and soon enough, this too will make sense, but more than that, soon enough, you will get to feel him/her growing inside you and it will be more than a fuzzy black and white creature on a screen. Soon enough, she/he will be yours and soon enough, some day, you'll even look back at this time and wonder how did the time pass so so fast when it seemed to move so so so so so slow in the beginning. xoxo (2/19/15, 7:25PM)
N - Congratulations!!! So super excited to hear about this =) will be praying for you and your growing family! all the best for the time ahead <3 (2/17/15, 4:19AM)
Clara Alim - Jenny, this is such fabulous news! I'm so happy & excited for you and your hubby. Praying for a smooth pregnancy and for all the nausea and uncomfortable-ness to go away. (2/16/15, 4:39PM)
Joanna - Congratulations Jenny! Looking forward to meeting a mini-J :) in the meantime, God is looking after the three of you :D (2/16/15, 2:18PM)
Nigel Sia - Congrats Jenny and Ju! So excited for you both! God is good. :) (2/16/15, 12:56PM)