Adey Gan - Hi Ms. Jenny Sun! I am really a fan from a far. I admire how you put your heart in everything that you do (in terms of photography). Every time i look on those creation of yours i feel warmness and calmness. Its as if like Valuing my tranquility, because I can see right through your photos the sincerity and love you have for your craft. I just have one request if its not too much- can you teach me how to create my own website (blog site) as beautiful and as creative as yours, Any suggestions or ideas from you would be highly appreciated. Please continue inspiring people like me. God bless you more and Take care always. xoxo Adey (5/18/15, 5:03PM)
phoebejayne:) - hi miss jenny sun! :) it's been a year already since i've been visiting your blog and i just can't hide the excitement i feel every time i typed the url of this blog of yours..anyways, i get so inspired looking through the different wonderful moments, like engagements and weddings shared by the many people you have also shared with through your photography. should i say, i'm a fan of yours and even dreamt that someday i could also experience a moment with your company with my future plans, particularly my wedding in the near future (which i know is still way, way too long still to come). :) thanks for inspiring me. <3 you are very blessed. continue to be a blessing. ^^, (2/7/14, 1:17AM)
Mia Fernández - Ohh so lovely<3<3 I love this blog. (9/28/13, 7:05PM)
john peter - excellent blog! bravo! (5/22/13, 12:42AM)
Cassnanichan - This is the first time I watch a blog which is so unique like your blog.<3<3<3 I really love the way you decorate it, so creative!I will follow your page every day!Now I'm your fan!hehe (1/24/13, 2:50PM)
Cassnanichan - Hi!Nice to meet you! (1/24/13, 2:44PM)
jnash Juntilla - I love what you do.. and the music you use in your SDE.. is it Same day edit your doing (10/3/12, 7:53PM)
tina - sorry jenny..those comments were for sonia and janice..apologize for the wrong place of comments...but unfortunately I had seen your photos absolutely great..but now I don't know how to cut the previous comments...oh so sorry... (9/11/12, 8:15PM)
tina - ohh...such a lovely and pretty blog of yours jenny...love it much... I just got your youtube video which was forwarded by my close friend overseas, and she let me view the cover video for Safe and Sound, and after seeing that video both you, Whoa! I said amazing, your charm catches my heart that for a minute I keep on watching and following your videos uploaded, recently I just had subscribed in your Youtube Account and now here I am posting my fresh comments, now I may say I'm your SUPERB fan..Thanks for my friend Maya, she's the one letting me introduce you.. Sonia and Janice...ohh we really wish with my friend to catch you singing live... =) (9/11/12, 8:10PM)
Manchester wedding photographer - Lovely website Jenny, very easy on the eye. Great photography also, really like your style. Just adding your blog to my bookmark now so that i can come back for regular updates! (4/12/12, 8:24PM)
Youngin - Your photography is amazing! It's actually so, so inspirational :) I would love to become even close to as good as you! I just spent over an hour checking out all the photos :) How did you get so good? Did you do a course or something, or is it just natural talent? ;) (4/4/12, 10:51PM)
Rings Dublin - Love reading your posts, images are so pretty and the weddings are always stunning. Hope the new blog goes well for you, you deserve it. (3/16/12, 7:02AM)
Leeds Wedding Photographer - I love the new site, your work is always great so I can't wait to follow this blog just like the last one! (3/13/12, 12:48AM)
Sheila Marie Ylanan - Hi! I've seen your blogs and your photos are amazing. You've traveled alot, why don't you visit the Philippines? You're lenses should capture its nature. :) (3/1/12, 1:43AM)
Jessie - Extraordinary JSP blog! Well done! Keep it up! (9/19/11, 4:55PM)
michael - amazing photo captures in Italy. I've never been but felt like I was there by looking at your shots! The New blog is amazing and must have been lots of hard work. me and carrie are so glad to have you shoot our wedding day. =) (9/13/11, 9:42AM)
Clare Fok - Hi Jenny!!! Your blog is absolutely amazing and I'm completely drowning in your photos - especially the travel ones in Rome!!! It really does make me smile just looking at your photos hehehe (9/11/11, 6:26PM)
Paige Overturf - LOVE the new layout! And the photos are incredibly gorgeous!! (8/24/11, 10:31PM)
Esther Ng aka goingkookies - Loving your blog layout!! So vintage, quaint and YOU!! though takes awhile to maneuver about. :) (8/24/11, 5:14PM)
Evelyn Tea - The much awaited blog is finally revealed. Guess what? It's just too lovely and it speaks so much about you. Congratulations! (8/24/11, 4:57PM)
Uncle Joshua - Congrats Jen!! Very nice blog and fantastic photos! :D (8/24/11, 3:50PM)
Grace Tan - Jenny the site looks great. Love the personal little touches and all the items. Good job. By the way, should catch up soon, it's been ages! (8/24/11, 12:25PM)
Joanne - LOVE the new site. Very nice and vintage :) (8/24/11, 7:25AM)
Yee Boon - love the new layout~ <3 (8/24/11, 2:01AM)
Jessica Lim - Love the new site!! :) Keep up the great job & hugs! (8/24/11, 12:28AM)
Catherine Ong - Jenny! Been awaiting your new blog! I'm so excited and I'm literally wow-ing over how much it's changed and how it speaks so much of the owner of the blog :) I shall take my time to slowly browse through. Good job! (8/24/11, 12:23AM)
Linda Truong - MYHAT JEN! This site has YOU written all over it! It's absolutely delightful! :D :D :D Congrats on the launch and I am excited to see all the things you have to share with us all! Blessings sis x (8/23/11, 11:58PM)
Edith - Hi Jenny!! wowowowwowow both the site and the blog-site are gorgeous, and really seems to be very YOU!! it's so beautiful and love love love all the little details that you've put into it!! (8/23/11, 11:17PM)
Joanna - Hi Jenny! Your new website and blog totally ROCKS!! :D The interactive feature is so cool - finding little surprises when moving the mouse over icons... this is soo worth the wait! Thanks for the unique JSP experience :) (8/23/11, 9:30PM)
Jenny Sun - Awwww thank you so much Phyllis!! Its so wonderful to hear your kind words :) xox (8/23/11, 6:52PM)
Phyllis - Love both your new JSP homes! Totally worth the wait. Beautiful beautiful songs, just like your works too! Keep it up Jenny :) You're such an inspiration! (8/23/11, 6:49PM)